Dark Groin Area - Home Receipes Tips

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  • Rub a lemon piece on the groin area skin, avoiding the sensitive areas. You can also mix honey, milk, almond oil, turmeric powder for a brighter skin.
  • Mix gram flour, milk, turmeric powder and lime juice. Spread it on the areas you want to whiten.
  • Apply cucumber juice or slices of cucumber to the affected areas. It helps whiten, soothe irritations and tighten skin.
  • Mix turmeric powder to cucumber juice or lime juice and apply to dark groin area.
  • Make a mixture of yogurt, gram flour, turmeric and milk and apply on the dark areas.
  • Grind some dried orange peelings. Mix this powder with lemon juice to make a paste. Apply it on dark groin area skin.
  • Soak a few pieces of these nuts in warm water overnight, peel and grind them in the morning then add milk in this. Apply them at night, leaving this on until the morning. Do this for 2 weeks.
  • Emulsify the mint leaves and mix with an unscented skin cream. Apply on the dark area.
  • Make a flour paste with milk, turmeric powder and lime juice and spread it on the areas you want to whiten.
  • Mix tomato juice with oatmeal and apply to dark groin.
  • Wear cotton and loose fit undergarments. Cotton permits free air movement. It also stops sweat from building up in the groin and the thighs.
  • Do not wear tight undergarments. Do not wear synthetic undergarments.
  • If you are over weighted, reduce weight. Over-weight increases dark groin area sifnificantly.
  • Mix powder of dried orange peel, yogurt and oat flakes. Rub the mixture on the groin area. it is an excellent scrub, that gently, yet efficiently removes the dead skin and makes the dark pigmentation less visible. It is also an effective bleach and skin toner.
  • Vitamin C is very good for a healthy skin. Vitamin C improves skin texture. It also builds collagen, which prevents sagging. Eat guava, orange, apple, lime, bell pepper, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables as these are rich and natural source of vitamin C.
  • Mix turmeric powder, curd, and lime juice. Apply this paste on the darkened area every day. It improves the texture of the skin as well as the overall appearance.
  • Avoid shaving the pubic area or using hair-removal lotions. Shaving damages the skin, causing scarring and darkening of the area. Hair-removal lotions have chemicals that can damage sensitive skin. Waxing is a better alternate as it does not lead to discoloration.
  • Eat a healthy diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink lots of water which can flush out toxins and keep the skin smooth and hydrated.
  • Everyday drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed.
  • Exfoliate the area gently and regularly, to improve the skin tone, which could also help to lighten it.
fair groin area

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