Public Open Bathing Places in Nepal
Common to Men and Women All


open bathing in nepal

Kathmandu is hilly capital city of Nepal. It is a beautiful city with beautiful people specially Nepali women are really pretty and beautiful.

Women of Nepal are quite modernized, but still the old culture of 'bathing in open' is still observed in Nepal. Many women still bath in "Public bathing places" which were built at many places in capital city Kathmandu by Kings of various dynasty.

About Bathing Places

In Kathmandu valley you can easily find 'Public Bathing Places'. These bathing paces were built by ancient rulers. These bathing places are very well decorated by traditional Nepali carving and are built by red large bricks. Water is flowing from from beautifully carved water outlets continuously, as they are connected by natural water sources. Kathmandu lies on hilly region so it is easy to find such water sources. Water draining system is also very good and no water is logged in bathing area. There about 5 to 20 water outlets inv arious bathing places. These bathing places are built about 10 feets deeper from road level so it is very easy for one to observe there from road.

Respectable Culture of Nepali People

Definitely this is a symbol of culture of Nepali people that many women bath in such public bathing places with no cloth on their top. They only tie their 'dhoti' (almost same as wrap-skirt) either below armpit covering chest area or on their waist leaving their chest area open. The traffic go on, the pedestrians go on and no-one stares at their chest area. Many women bath with their chest area uncovered, with male at same bathing places and talking with men there with their breasts open and with no hesitation. Also men do not stare at their open breasts.

They not only bath but also wash their clothes before bathing in same way. It takes quite a time for them to finish their washing and bathing in such clothing.

This is culture and so normal there in Nepal. In other towns of Nepal, women go on weekly holiday at rivers and bath and wash their clothes openly. They also changes their all clothes after bathing standing in front of other men and women at river. But no one stare at them while they change clothes.

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