Puffy Areola Surgery



The two abnormal stages of nipples or areola are inverted and opposite of this 'puffy'. If you have puffy nipple or areola you would feel embarrassed when opening them during intimate situations. However you cang et your puffiness by a simple, outpatient procedure which normally involves very low risk and yields a high level of satisfaction.

The nipple is actually made of two parts: the nipple and the areola. The nipple is the projected part and the areola is the dark pigmented skin in a circle shape around nipple. Here we discusses the reduction of puffy areolas.

Surgical Reduction of Puffy Areolas

Surgical reduction is popular due to its near 100% success rate, yes, your surgeon should be good and experienced obviously. Puffy areolas are areolas that puff out when in a relaxed state. The process for flattening the puffy areolas is similar to the reduction of enlarged nipples.


The surgeroy is done by removing some of the pigmented areola. It is done by anyone method - either by an incision around the outside of the areola or by an incision around the base of the nipple. It depends on the level of puffiness.

After incision, surgeon removes a small portion of the areola and the areola skin is lifted reducing the puffiness. Dissolving sutures are used to minimize scarring and also you need not to come again for suture removal.

Recovery After Surgery

Recovery time after surgery varies patient to patient. In most cases patient can return to normal works after 2 to 3 days.

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