Female Masturbation - How to do and Benefits

Female Masturbation - Techniques and Benefits

female masturbationMasturbation is not a bad thing, if done in a limit, as it is considered generally. First thing, rather than cheating your husband by satisfying your sexual desire with any other man, masturbation is much good and healthy practice. So if you enjoy this practice, here are some techniques for more of your enjoyment and some benefits of masturbation.

Without Any Object

Technique 1

Wrap a bunched up towel with Saran Wrap and put lube on it. It makes for a serious orgasmic experience. Put a few pillows together, place the wet, slippery towel on them and then ride it as you would ride your man. It feels so naughty.

Technique 2 - Clitoral Stimulation 1

Hold your clitoris area by placing your thumb and forefinger on each side of your clitoris. Now gently roll it between your thumb and finger. Start slowly and you can increase the motion as you feel better till you reach the right speed for you. You can also use both hands to heighten the sensation.female masturbation

Technique 3 - Clitoral Stimulation 2

Place two fingers onto the clitoris. Start rubbing them in a circular motion around and around. Try changing the speed and position of the fingers until you find your sweet spot!

Technique 4 - Tapping

With one hand, gently insert one or two fingers into the vagina what you like better. With the other hand, start rubbing or tapping the clitoris. This dual stimulation is very intoxicating. Vary the speed and positions until you get it just right.

Technique 5 - Letters and Numbers

Use your fingers to trace the various letters of the alphabet across the clitoris. This is an excellent technique to determine the precise strokes that send you into orbit.

With An Object

Technique 6 - Brinjal / Carrot / Cucumber

Get a brinjal, a condom and 5-10 rubber-bands. Put all rubber bands onto brinjal at different places. Now put condom on brinjal. Masturbate with it. The soft edges of rubber-bands will give maximum enjoyment by rubbing inner walls of your vagina.

Technique 7 - Vaccuum

Get an empty film cylinder, one of the little plastic ones. Lick the rim of it and put it over your clit. Squeeze the sides and it creates a suction. Gently flick it while you put the end of a hairbrush in your pussy. Also works well in the shower when you fill it with warm water.female masturbation

Technique 8 - Banana /

Take a firm banana, peel it and put a condom on it. Tie the end shut and use it like a dildo. It feels great and life like except that it gets soft fast, but it's still pretty good. Remember banana should be not be ripe as pressure by your vagina will mash it and also will not give much friction to your vagina.

Technique 9 Hairbrush handle

Get a hairbrush with rippled handle. Rub it in and out your pussy very fast in and out. It feels great because there is a rippled rubber grip right before the bristles which rub again your clit and it feels GREAT!

Technique 10 - Electric Tooth-brush

Use an electric toothbrush! Rub it against your clit.

In The Bathroom

Technique 11 - Handheld Shower Head

Get a hand-held shover head. Check the temperature of the water for your comfort. Now begin experimenting with directing the flow of water onto different points of the vagina.

Technique 12 - Bathtub Faucet

The jet of water can have wonderful effects on your body. When the water is running in your bathtub, put your legs up in the air against the wall underneath the faucet. Then spread your lips and let the hard water spray on your clit. It's the best!

Technique 13 - Water Jet inside Water

Fill your tub about halfway with comfortably warm water. Take a large syringe without needle or well cleaned empty bottle that has a nozzle like of shampoo bottle etc. Fill it with water. Keep your vagina under water, then position the bottle so it sprays a jet of water directly onto your hot spots. When the bottle is empty, let it refill with water and repeat as often as necessary to bring yourself to ograsm.

Technique 14 - Jeans Friction

Wear any tight jeans. Sit or lie on bed and rub both of your legs together. The friction created by the inner thighs on the jeans stimulates the clitoris. If you can maneuver your clitoris onto the inseam of your jeans, you may find that you can pleasure yourself just by rocking yourself or slightly rubbing your legs together.

Technique 15 - Wine bottle

Wine bottle neck is great for an intense orgasm. The rings for cap carved at tip of bottle neck is great for a great orgasm. Just put a condom on bottle neck and penetrate in your vagina. Start with slow movements continue to brisk movements for a great pleasure. It gives really great pleasure of deep penetration and makes masturbation enjoyable.

Technique 16 - Blanket

Lie nude inside your blanket. Squeeze the width of blanket. Hold one side of blanket firmly between your feets and other side by your hands so that blanket is passing over through your vagina. Now first pull blanket by your hands up towards your chest (face side) so it rubs your vagina and next pull down to other direction by pulling blanket with your feets so that again it rubs your vagina. Keep pulling up and down by hands and feets so it rubs your vagina from both directions. You will feel great pleasure by friction on your vagina by blanket.

Intense Orgasm

Use any of your favorite masturbation technique. When you feel you're about to climax, stop all actions and let yourself relax. When you are relaxed, again masturbate to reach near climax. Again stop all activities.

Do this several times before allowing yourself to actually orgasm. You'll find the resulting orgasm to be extremely strong. When you will be perfect in this, try to come closer and closer to each orgasm. Building up sexual energy during these cascades causes an immense release in the final orgasm. Many women report much longer and far stronger orgasms when using this technique.

Masturbation Fantasies

The common fantasies which increase enjoyment during masturbation are following -

  • Husband watches when you enjoys
  • Multiple men on you all the night
  • Multiple men at same time on you
  • 'Friendly' rape
  • 'Wild' rape
  • Being tied up
  • Lesbian encounter
  • Your favourite school time hunk
  • Oral
  • In jungle or secluded place like a deserted island
  • Enjoying with Male stripper
  • Personal servant
  • Personal driver
  • Teenager male
  • Shy male with you dominating
  • Maintenance or utility man came in your house
  • Forbidden man or lover
  • With waiter in your hotel room