How to wear a skirt on windy day.

flying skirt

More or less all women have a hidden tendency to exhibit upto 'their limit'. Every women likes to show her skin to public and this is natural nature or tendency. However the limit can be significantly different. For example for Arab women showing calves might be exciting. On the other hand showing thighs is very common to Asian girls from Japan, Thailand, Singapore to Nepal. Even in a small country like Nepal short skirts and hot shorts are very common and is a common dress for girls even at home, market and while walking around outdoors.

flying skirt

The thrill of wearing a short flimsy floaty bit of skirt material is a real turn on for many girls. And many girls admit that uncertainty of the wind blowing up their skirt is really exciting.

In Windy Country

In a country where wind is common there is problem for girls how to wear a skirt in windy days. For example, Nepal is country of Himalayas and most of the reasons there is problem of windy days. That's why Nepali girls wear proper undergarments under their skirts. Nowadays when shorts are in vogue many nepali girls have switched for shorts in place of skirt.


On a windy day you can wear tight skirt.
Wear skirt of thick cloth and not of sheer cloth.
Wear undershorts under skirt.
Wear divided skirt.
Go for shorts in place of skirt.
Wear balloon skirts.
Do not wear flared skirt.


flying skirt